Missions has always been the heart beat of God. Send the Light to the Cities is the heart beat of International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. Thomas M. Propes.

Multiple visits have been made by the World Missions leadership team to the selected world class cities to view prospects and develop strategies for evangelism, church planting, and ministerial training of students, as well as purchase properties for expansion of the vision. As expected, property in these cities is ultra-expensive.

People and churches, along with a great number of states and regions, have raised awareness and monies needed.


In Manila, funds for a down payment on an office and training space have enabled the Marriott Manila Church to advance; attendance is around 300.

Prague, Czech Republic, monies are enabling the completion of the purchase of a building and its remodeling. Pastor Jerry Lillard and the congregation deal with a high rate of atheism in this area.

Spacious property in Kigali, Rwanda, is in a prime location that is close to being paid off. The building is at important crossroads of east Central Africa.

Lomé, Togo, Africa, is experiencing church planting as a result of revival. Over 100 churches have been planted and the need for ministerial training is great. West Africa faces many challenges from spiritism and animism.

The existing missionary training center in São Paulo, Brazil, is being repaired and expanded with the first wave of support. More ministers will be enabled to plant churches in the sea of humanity living in São Paulo.

In Paris, France, the early financial support for Paris has brought about the dream for a Bible school to take flight. An evident passion for Christ is driving the leadership to win, teach, and disciple the people of the Church of God.

Moscow, Bangkok, Mexico City, Georgetown, and Amsterdam are also moving ahead as plans are formulated and the backing is supplied. Site inspections have been completed and the spiritual atmosphere tested.

The Church of God is focused on making each city a lighthouse of worship and evangelism, and World Missions is the means by which the job can be expedited!

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