sendlightWorld Missions is diligent in keeping its constituency well-informed and making available various ways to be involved and support the Great Commission. WM’s latest effort is that of establishing a website called “Send the Light to the Cities,” In completing Christ’s admonition to fulfill the Great Commission, WM is extending its emphasis by focusing on 10 major cities around the world: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bangkok, Thailand; Georgetown, Guyana; Kigali, Rwanda; Lomé, Togo; Manila, Philippines; Mexico City, Mexico; Moscow, Russia; Paris, France; and Sáo Paulo, Brazil. Since recent rulings regarding Christianity by Russia’s legislature, Moscow will become a prayer emphasis, as the resistance is great. In addition, Prague, Czech Republic, has been chosen to complete the vision of 10 cities.

Director Dr. David Griffis says … “We will evangelize the cities, plant churches, provide an evangelism and training center in each one and then stay alongside them until they are able to sustain their own commitment to FINISH.” The FINISH acronym means WM is committed to: FOCUS on the Light; INVADE the Darkness; NAVIGATE the Needs; INTERCEDE for Souls; SEND the Light; and HEAL the Nations.

The WM website seeks to inform you of the spiritual climate in each location; to urge you to prayer; to create awareness of the great needs in each city; and to support each and every effort in building training centers, which are the future of the Gospel in these strategic cities.

An informed denomination is a powerful denomination, and World Missions will act to make the vision reality.