260c6d7b-0bc8-4c16-a7f0-a6c22ca82056Andrew and Jacki Quinley are part of a large network of missionaries that operate in Southeast Asia. Among their projects are the Media Light studio and training facility, which focuses on the production of Christ-centered media, and also is a training center in communications and media production located in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Andrew also teaches classes at a university.

Andrew recently taught his History of English class about Psalm 139 and John 3. He also spoke at a three-day middle school and high school camp for a local international school. Students opened their hearts about secret pain and committed themselves to their journey with Christ.

3907cd2b-ee0b-4d8a-bf84-34647b3439edThailand is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that is not openly hostile to Christianity, although only one person in 20 professes a religion other than Buddhism. Media Light serves a powerful purpose in being a voice of ministry to college students seeking media and communications training while helping to shape the minds of the next generation of media producers in the region.

At the end of October, one of the biggest pop stars in Thailand, who is Christian, is coming to their campus to share his story and perform, which is a massive in-road into the hearts of the youth of the region. Success at this event could see hundreds saved directly and plant the seeds for a much larger harvest.

Also, in December, the university where Media Light is based will be hosting a Christmas party. Last year, the Quinleys’ efforts saw 800 students attend who connected with local churches involved with the event … the potential exists for even more to do so this year.

Project Number 065-0866