Kiribati National Representative Passes Away

It is with deep sadness that the Church of God in Asia Pacific announces the passing of Sister Tewetewe Tekaie Randolph, the outstanding National Representative in Kiribati.

After a brief hospitalization in the capital city of Tarawa in the south Pacific island nation, Sister Randolph, a licensed ordained minister, succumbed to her illness on March 1, 2021. While Tewetewe Tekaie Randolph only began her tenure as National Representative in 2018, her impact for Christ and upon the church in Kiribati and elsewhere have been notable for decades. Known as a warm, caring person, Sister Randolph brought a positive influence to every setting she ever graced with her presence, along with needed administrative gifts.

World Missions Director David M. Griffis and Assistant Director M. Thomas Propes join with Asia/Pacific Field Director Andrew Binda and Austral Asia Regional Superintendent Marc Morris in expressing their sorrow in the loss of this wonderful leader.

Condolences have flowed in from her colleagues in the Austral Asia region, as well as former school friends. Numerous tribute comments and statements on Facebook have given a glimpse into her extraordinary life and impact.

Darla Swartzel-Savant wrote: “This beautiful face and far-away place is not known by many of us in the states. Tewetewe (pronounced Tehwee-Tehwee) came as a very shy young lady to the U.S. to study the bible so she could return to her homeland and share the love of Christ to her people. She did not seek fame or fortune as a minister of the gospel. She followed the path set before her. In the last years of her life, she was given a leadership role to oversee the pastors of the Kirabati Islands. She did not live a grand lifestyle nor seek it. She did what she was called to do. Tewetewe was a true minister of the Gospel of Christ. She accepted her call, and today she is living the TRUE reward of being a good and faithful servant of Christ. She can now rest as she has completed what was set before her.”

Like so many leaders in unknown places, Tewetewe Randolph embodied the best of the church with her passion to serve and win her people to the Lord Jesus Christ. She went the extra mile, yet knowing her work was not in vain.

Randolph, born December 25, 1965, was an under-graduate of West Coast Christian College, Sister Randolph completed a Master of Arts in Christian Education at the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM) in 1992.

She leaves behind her husband, Arowii Randolph, one son, Kaiarake, mother Rareiti Tekaie, six siblings including her brother, Pastor Kantaa Randolph. Please continue to pray for Kiribati and the work of Church of God World Missions in the South Pacific.