Known as Dee Lavender Missions Week, the missions emphasis by Lee University will raise funds for the Phebe Grey Orphanage in Liberia, Africa. The project has donated funds the previous two years, making it “sustainable freedom” for those children at the orphanage.

Lee University Missions Week Chapel

Funding was previously provided for the assembling of a computer lab, a science lab, and a library for the orphanage’s school. This year’s expectations are no less as Lee U. is hoping to make another long-term impact.

Tuesday’s service at the Conn Center was a time of celebration, while Dr. Tena Stone ofOneHope was the guest speaker at the Dixon Center chapel service. OneHope is based in Chattanooga and is a missions agency using digital and curriculum resources for children.

Christopher and Jennifer Mitchell Hadsell will headline Thursday’s gathering. They live and work with Iris Ministries in Mozambique helping the children in Kenya, Africa.

Other activities on Thursday at the School of Religion include Father Simón Pérez, a Eudist Catholic priest and member of the Archdioceses of Barranquilla, Colombia. Also, Presbyter Gina Zabala, who has served in the Presbyterian Church for over 39 years, will share topics relating to violence, education, missions, and re-reading the Bible from a feminine perspective. She is president of Agape International Opportunity, an organization that sponsors low-income families in Colombia.

Lee Missions Week honors Dee Lavender, a student who died on a summer missions trip to Panama.