Thanksgiving began as a day of giving thanks to God for the blessing of the harvest during the preceding year. Since my arrival in World Missions, I have been able to see the global harvest first hand; and because of that, a sense of urgency has been ignited in my spirit. As I see the passion and love of Church of God missionaries in 181 countries of this world, it is encouraging to know that our work never ceases. The sun never sets on the gospel being shared internationally! We’ve all heard this – but now I’ve witnessed it and it is more than exciting!

From an orphanage in the Philippines, to a classroom in Germany, to a feeding center in Zambia, to the installation of a water filtration system in Columbia, to an eye examination in Mexico, our missionaries are actively sharing the love of Christ. Our global team does so many great things: they meet urgent physical and emotional needs; they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and they disciple new Christians into soul winners in order to reach their own.

This is the harvest for which LaQuita and I are thankful for this season. The harvest of the lost. “The harvest truly is great . . . “, Luke 10:2.

If you are one of the many sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, LaQuita and I lift you up in prayer today and as Galations 6:9 encourages us “to not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap [the harvest] . . .

May God bless and keep you this Thanksgiving season.

—Dr. M. Thomas Propes
Assistant Director, Church of God World Missions