There are some things I know…some, my gray hair and the years have taught me and some, even my youngest grandchild knows…These things I know…..

The sun rises everyday, whether hidden by clouds or framed by an azure blue sky….it has been so since creation….This I know.

The sea folds itself into the shore…and the tides play a great role in the life within the sea…it has been so since creation….This I know.

The winds blow, the cycle of nature continues, and as God, the Creator of all things has declared…”There is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven”…it has been so since creation…..This I know.

Jesus came in a time of worldwide oppression and dictatorial world government led by imperialistic Rome.
Freedom of speech came at the price of imprisonment or crucifixion. Yet He began a church that the gates of hell could not prevail against….This I know.

The early disciples, with the exception of The Apostle John, all died a martyr’s death for the cause of Christ, and John was banished to Patmos, an isle of rock, away from everyone. Paul’s head would be severed by Nero…yet these believer’s, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit gave us the New Testament and here we are, million’s strong around the world….This I know.

From my World Mission work I know many countries have no freedom of religion or speech as we know it. I have seen with my own eyes persecution and death threats against follower’s of Christ, so I cannot feel sorrow and pity for myself as a Christian in America, though I see persecution and the destruction of some of our freedoms on the horizon… I know this however, I have never seen more dedicated Christians than those persecuted Christians….I know this.

Finally, I know God. He is faithful to His people. The Psalmists said, “He that watches Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.” God is awake….God is watching….God is always on time….God cares for you….This I know.

Dr. David M. Griffis