Missionaries to Europe, Tom and Kuulei O’Dowd, participate in a wide range of ministry. Their desire is to do the work of the Lord, no matter what circumstances they may personally face.

Earlier in the year, Kuulei’s elder brother passed away due to a strange stomach cancer. Not completely over the loss, Kuulei lost her father in August—a sudden stroke. During their darkest hours, prayers and letters grounded them in God’s great grace. The O’Dowds continue to share the Good News of the Resurrection in their time of sorrow.


O'Dowds with students

Traveling first to St. Paul’s Bay in Malta, Tom and Kuulei interacted with students there from ETS (Iraq, Egypt, and Germany). After preaching and uplifting the Church of God in Athens, Greece, the O’Dowds visited Vienna, Austria, where they enjoyed the spiritual and educational investment they had previously made with the students. Tom and Kuulei feel they can now learn as much from the young ministers as they ever taught them.


The O’Dowds have a vibrant and exciting vision for the Church of God in Albania! Powered by the Holy Spirit and dynamic leadership, the work is growing tremendously. They will be teaching in Tirana’s Bible school next February.


While working mainly in Europe, the O’Dowds are heading to Asia to visit five countries: Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Turkey, and Singapore. Since they had lived in Asia for 15 years (and have not been back in seven years), it will be a special “homecoming” for them, especially to see old friends.

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