“God is the Father who is always home”

“God is the Father who is always home.” – Unknown

Fathers worry, protect, promote, and get it done! As men, they hunt for the best job, the best house, and the best activities for the family within the budget they have at their disposal. A fathers’ hunting instinct is to provide, but in “hunting,” they are usually away from their families part of the day or night, driven to do the best job they can.

Perhaps, you have memories of your Father taking you somewhere or giving you a part in the task he was doing (and supervising closely). Maybe, you remember him urging you on a little harder than you wanted. Some may remember waiting in trepidation for Dad to get home and administer correction. Most remember his quiet confidence in us when Mom was too anxious about our growing up.

And even if he did not say “I love you” often, you were aware he loved you deeply.

However, wars, natural disasters, disease, and just plain sin have robbed many children of the presence of a father in the home. The idea of being good because of Dad’s presence, the satisfaction of a full stomach because Dad “brought home the bacon,” or the peaceful sleep that comes from the presence of Dad, was not part of growing up.

But no one, anywhere, has grown up without God, the heavenly Father, watching over them. His presence is there to instruct us of how to please Him, and of ways to avoid danger. God’s Word rings in truth and resonates in hearts and minds even if He feels far away.

Father God invites us to live in peace in the middle of trouble. And, like the prodigal son’s father, He stands waiting when we realize, it is we who wandered away from right living. How much better it is in the Father’s house!

The Father has prepared a place for us to live eternally, He has provided a light for us to walk when the dark of night comes, and He has provided a table of sustenance before us. God’s promises to us have never been broken. His arm of help is extended and His eyes are always watching us.

No matter what your relationship status is with an earthly father, you have a Father whose love allows you to live in His house, wear a righteous garment and speak in the authority of His Name.

You have a Father who defeated death.

You have a Father who is as close as the mention of His Name.

You have a Father who is always home.

Call Him.