In keeping with their vision to help bear the burdens of Western Territory Honduran brothers and sisters, Steven and Candace Day are moving right along helping the pastors and are so grateful for the support that has been given to their projects.Heart for Honduras logo

This month, the Days have purchased some items for the chicken project in Protection—a storage building and a machine that de-feathers the chickens. Other projects include construction on churches, putting roofs on two new plants, and completing groundwork.

Even missionaries experience sorrow, and this time it touched the Days. Candace is working as a teacher’s assistant at a new school. At the end of September, a very heavy rainfall occurred. One of the first graders was in a vehicle with his older sister and brother as they attempted to cross a flooded bridge. The small vehicle was swept away by the current. The two older children made their way to dry land, but little Axel was missing. The community searched for two days, but the dreaded news they did not want to hear finally came. Little Axel’s body had been recovered. The school and community mourn the loss, but they have the hope of seeing Axel again in heaven.

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