Hope for the Dump ministry in Asuncion, Paraguay, cares for the children living in the city dump.

Earlier missionaries to Paraguay, Paul and Rhonda Stockard, were deeply moved when they realized no one was trying to alleviate the situation of children living in the dump. The couple set about establishing a relief program to help them. Formally known as “Children of the Dump,” the dump was home to children who were oHope for the Dump Kidsrphaned for various reasons. The children made make-shift shacks and sorted through the dump contents to sustain them. It was a pitiful existence.

Thanks to the efforts of the Stockards, the new administrators Todd and Rhonda Taylor, are continuing the ministry to even greater heights and have given the ministry a new name: “Hope for the Dump.” Along with being fed and clothed, the children are given an education in a private school just for them, and clean water is provided, as well. Hope for the Dump continues to provide care and support to the most at-risk children in the capital city.

Relationships are being built, and lives are being changed. Families are coming to Christ because of the dump ministry. One family of seven recently accepted Christ on a Sunday morning. The entire family came to an altar of repentance.

World Missions’ emphasis “True Love for Children” is an essential part of assisting ministries such as Hope for the Dump. International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are adamant about serving orphans, no matter where they are, because World Missions leadership realizes the church of tomorrow is residing in the children of today.

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