HURRICANE IRMA – USA RELIEF is an online link through which churches, individuals, and businesses may give to the relief efforts for the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.

Church of God World Missions is offering this service as an assistance for the rapid distribution of funds with integrity; 100 percent of funds given through will go to help with recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Irma. The monies for IRMAUSA recovery efforts are given to partners of the Church of God Care Division and to church leadership in the affected areas.

World Missions has long considered its work a bridge between churches and the need. Individually the cost is too great, but by bringing together churches and individuals, the impact of your compassion is greatly strengthened. The end result is much more expansive than our individual input.

Together we serve, together we give, together we receive the grace of God. Your prayers are an important part of the recovery process.

Call 1.800.535.9343 or 1.800.345.7492 during EDT office hours to give.

Use in your browser to open the World Missions giving portal.