Hurricane Update

People walk on the road as rain falls during Hurricane Matthew in Les Cayes, Haiti. REUTERS/Andres Martinez Casares

The Caribbean has experienced the terrible wrath of hurricane Matthew over the past week.

Bishop Davis reported that both St. Vincent and St Lucia have had heavy rain.  They have sustained minimal damages.   There is no major destruction to any of the churches.

Bishop Liberus is still gathering information on the damages in Haiti.  This country has sustained major destruction; loss of lives and loss of homes.  Hundreds of our members and many pastors have lost everything.  One of the largest churches in the city of Jeremie was totally destroyed.

Also, three churches in Aux Cayes and Anse D’ainault were destroyed.

(NOTE: Additional information from Haiti – 1) Up to now, we have identified more than 50 churches completely destroyed in the department of Grand’Anse in theSouth of the country. We have no exact information yet because there is no telephone contact, neither road transit, but the first news let us know that it’s worse than every other affected zone.

2) Many damaged Churches, Pastors, and Members personal homes.
3) We have several cases of disappearance. It’s really bad news for us. We’ll keep praying that God raises the country and especially Church of God in Haiti in theses trouble days.)Bishop Blair is still assessing the damages in Jamaica.  Heavy rain caused severe damages.

Bishop Moses Johnson from the Bahamas has quickly reported that Nassau has been heavily damaged with severe structural destructions.  It’s too early to assess the damage.  Freeport has also been heavily hit by the hurricane.  Bishop Johnson is still awaiting a report from the District Overseer.

I will keep you updated as I receive information from each Overseer.   The CFD is requesting prayer for the region

Bishop Ishmael Charles (Bsc. M.A., M. DIV)

Caribbean Field Director