What is an LMR?

The local church missions representative (LMR) is the link between the local church and the mission field. As an LMR, you will have the opportunity to:

Educate and inspire your congregation for missions.
Develop and manage your fund-raising programs.
Organize and encourage prayer for missions.
Oversee short-term missions trips and projects.
Create an awareness of missions.
Distribute missions information and materials.
Report on missions activities.
Work with your pastor to emphasize missions.
Partner with World Missions to connect the local church to the harvest field.

How do I become an LMR?

Have a heart for God.
Live an exemplary Christian life.
Be appointed by the local church pastor.
Contact World Missions at 1-800-345-7492 and ask to speak with a LMR Representative.

How do I get started?

Once you are registered, check out the wealth of missions materials available for your use in the local church. Most of these resources are free of charge.

Then, work with your pastor to develop a missions plan for your local church, and stay connected with World Missions to receive regular missions updates and news. You can share this information with your local church and keep missions needs, prayer requests, and opportuinities for short-term missions trips before the church throughout the year.