Lomé, Togo is a designated city of the Send Light to the Cities project.

With a metro population of 1,570,283, Lomé is the largest city in Togo, as well as is her capital. Some of the problems experienced by the city involve garbage collection, and the unhealthy urban living conditions. Lomé has undergone massive growth due to an oil refinery within her borders.

Because tourism is growing, Lomé has great potential for establishing a training center for spreading the Gospel. The city itself is a typical African city that acknowledges many styles, influences, and traditions.

The property Church of God World Missions desires to obtain is still available; however, because funds are not yet raised, a down payment cannot be made.

International Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes, along with Field Director Peter Thomas and the African leadership, are praying for the Lord to keep the property for the purpose of the Send Light to the Cities vision.

Project #102-9435-005