With refugee camps surging among various countries of the world, Church of God World Missions has found an open door of evangelization, and WM Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes have moved swiftly to accommodate the new-found field of harvest.

In Uganda, a South Sudanese Bible school has been proposed for the Pagarinya Refugee Camp, and approval has been granted to begin. One of the poorest nations of the world, Uganda has been plagued by military coups, political upheaval, and war, and is now experiencing an influx of refugees. In recent years, Christians comprised about 85 percent of the population in Uganda.

Already funding is arriving for the new project, which needs $1400 to support the school for the first term. Several Muslims have been converted, and the Bible studies are always full and overflowing … one Bible study had 100 people in attendance. A Bible school can greatly assist in preparing workers for this outreach.

Lee University professor and World Missions Board member, Dr. Carolyn Dirksen, is spearheading the project, and working with Field Director Peter Thomas, Jurgen Rudolph, Joseph Kagarama, and John Noah Komi. She has already initiated obtaining teaching materials to be used. Carolyn says: “It is very encouraging to see so much work going on so positively in the chaos of the camp!”

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