South American Call, a ministry directed by Joe Mercer, travels along the Amazon River to places that are only reached by boat. When a place called Palestine is mentioned, one automatically thinks of the Middle East. But, a South American Call team recently held a Congreso in the village of Palestine, Peru. A river of ministry flowing from the throne of God was evidenced.

The people were hungry for God. In a special women’s service, 12 women accepted Jesus as Savior. Later, one could hear the women singing and praying all over the Shipibo village. Unlike the women in America, the women in this area are uneducated, married at young ages, and have never heard about God.

During one of the evening services, 32 individuals were all baptized in the Holy Spirit at the same time, speaking in the heavenly language of tongues—not Spanish nor Shipibo, but in the Holy Spirit! That service changed many lives, including the team members.

Children are an integral part of the ministry, as well. Children were taught about the love of God from 1 Corinthians 13, and that they were never too young to receive Him into their hearts. As a result, 85 children accepted Jesus as Savior for the very first time. The children were all given gift bags that included toys, toothbrushes, candy, and other treats and supplies. In the earlier days of the children’s ministry, they could not be contained … rolling on the ground fighting, climbing trees, running through the church … now they are eager to learn, and some have asked for Bibles from which to study. What a change discipleship makes, even in the youngest of lives!

There were 276 people representing 15 villages who attended. Six were baptized in water.

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