Deceased beloved wife of former deceased field representative B.L. Kelley, Alma Kelley had a heart for missionaries, especially women in missions. A powerful minister in her own right, she had a tremendous singing voice that moved upon the hearts of the listeners.

As Alma and B.L. traveled raising funds for missionary support, she began to realize there was a great need to be met, and she knew just what to do.

Many of the missionary women could not afford new clothing for the General Assembly, and Alma was going to make sure something was done to assist them. Thus, Alma’s Closet came into being.

Countless women have received a variety of clothes and accessories at every General Assembly since, courtesy of generous donations from state offices, local churches, individuals, and the tenacious, caring nature of Alma Kelley.

A location is designated for the missionary women to visit prior to events to obtain the clothing items, along with accessories. Incredibly meaningful is that each woman is anointed and prayed for before she leaves with her selections.

Redemption Point Church of God volunteers in Ooltewah, Tennessee, host this event, as well as oversee the organization, inventory, and upkeep of donations.

To participate, donations can be delivered or sent to: Redemption Point Church of God, 3831 Ooltewah-Ringgold Road, Ooltewah, TN 37363, or call 423-498-2144. Monetary donations should be sent to: Alma’s Closet Benevolent Ministry, Project #790-1019, c/o Church of God World Missions, PO Box 8016, Cleveland, Tennessee 37320-8016.

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