All of us leave a legacy of one kind or another, whether it’s handed down through a family or from a predecessor. Legacies can be in a material sense, such as an heirloom, or it can be a bequeathal of influence and status. A “footprint” of a legacy with far-reaching effect is the Alma’s Closet at each General Assembly.

Alma Kelley’s desire was to meet an emotional need in the lives of missionary wives—women who served alongside their husbands in ministry, but rarely received notice for their sacrifices. The expense of attending a General Assembly left little for the luxury of new clothing. Alma’s Closet was going to change all that for the missionary wives.

The campaign began with individuals and churches in the United States collecting good used and new clothing. The effort filled a semi-truck with the donations. In later times, only new clothing was solicited, as well as accessories, such as purses, scarves, and shoes. The endeavor rooted itself in the hearts of the people of the Church of God and has continued to provide excellent response.

The lasting impact on the missionary wives was the emotional lifting of their spirits, and gave each one a sense of confidence—remembering the love and care for years to come.

Yes, Alma had other legacies she left behind … but this one was God-given and God-directed. Only eternity will reveal its complete impetus.

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Alma’s Closet
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