Seasoned missionaries, Dennis and Vanna Tanner, have served a decade ministering in Scotland as missionaries and currently the overseer. Their burden and vision are to share the Light of the Gospel by preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Dennis and Vanna TannerDennis states: “When the light goes out in a Lighthouse, people lose their lives. It is the keeper of the Lighthouse who guards the light and guarantees it is always shining.”

When the Light of the Gospel goes out in a country or a region, people lose the possibility of finding eternal life through Jesus Christ. Feeling they are keepers of the lighthouse in Scotland, the Tanners believe it is their responsibility to guarantee the message of the Gospel will shine brightly throughout the country, warning people of the danger of sin and guiding them to an experience with the Savior.

A 2016 Scottish church census revealed there are around 390,000 regular church goers, down from 854,000 in 1984 … a loss of almost 50 percent! But, the light in Scotland is soon to be brighter and increased evangelization will take place as Edinburgh is a focus of the Send the Light to the Cities emphasis.

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