Appointed at the 2018 General Assembly, Dr. Angel E. Marcial assumes the position of field director for Latin America. A seasoned leader, Marcial initially pastored the Church of God in Hato Tejas, Bayamón, followed by a pastorate for nine years in Vista Alegre, Rio Piedras; both churches are located in Puerto Rico.

In September 1996, Marcial began serving as national bishop of the Church of God in Puerto Rico and has presided over the Pentecostal Fraternity of Puerto Rico (FRAPE), which consists of 22 Pentecostal organizations. He earned his PhD at McCormick Theological Seminary, achieved a master’s degree in Pastoral Studies at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, and is a recipient of a bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Marcial was appointed in 2002 as superintendent of the Hispanic Caribbean, overseeing Puerto Rico, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Aruba, Curaçao, and the British Isles archipelago. He was installed in 2006 as administrative bishop of the Church of God southeastern Hispanic region of the United States. Marcial also served as president of the Editorial Evangelica Board, and later president of the Board of Hispanic Bishops of the United States (Hispanic Ministries). He currently presides over the FRACEEV of the U.S. that includes 20 organizations.

An influential voice in the affairs of social justice in communities, Dr. Marcial is presently the president of the immigration task force the Executive Committee has formed to work with issues affecting immigrants.

World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis states: “It with great pleasure we welcome Dr. Marcial and his abilities to the World Missions team. His assets will be of great benefit to the cause of world evangelization and our Send the Light to the Cities projects.”