International World Missions Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes are making an appeal to members and friends of Church of God World Missions for emergency funds that are desperately needed to help the area surrounding the Fuego volcano.

The volcano is located very close to the Casa Shalom Orphanage. At present, the children of the Church of God home are safe, but are urged to stay inside due to the heavy ash that is falling across Guatemala. Thick columns of ash and flows of hot mixtures of gases, ashes, and rocks are a threat to the atmosphere.

Casa Shalom has sent this statement to World Missions: “Thank you to those who have inquired about the children after the eruption. All children and staff are safe; ash is still falling and the kids are in the dorms so they will not breathe the air full of pollutants. Please pray for those who have been evacuated, lost their properties, or who have lost a family member.”
Funds will be used to assist families with shelter, food provisions, and medical needs.

Dr. Griffis and Dr. Propes express their sincerest gratitude for those who continually reach out to the people affected by disaster. World Missions’ history shows that she can always be counted on to immediately assist in tragedy.


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