Medical missionaries to Latin America, psychologist Reverend Guillermo Barrera and his wife, medical doctor Reverend Silvina Gonzalez-Barrera, enjoyed an eventful trip recently to Honduras in Central America.

Guillermo and SilvinaThe couple partnered with the long-serving Volunteers in Medical Missions (VIMM) and Dr. Stoney Abercrombie, as well as Reverend Dr. Francisco Roman Cruz and his group, the Ministerio Social Cristiano. Their visits included the Department of Copan (Nueva Alianza, Nueva Arcadia, and Buena Vista in Copan; and Las Bodegas in the Copan entrance). More than 1,000 patients were treated, among whom 500 accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. To God be the glory!

Ministering in San Pedro Sula, the couple conducted lectures for the leaders and pastors, and Guillermo provided psychological assistance to the staff of the Christian Medical Clinic. In the capital city of Tegucigalpa, they preached in churches, effected counseling, and saw the power of God in action saving, healing, and liberating lives through the Holy Spirit. Praise His name!

A Congress of Missions was organized in the Central Region of Honduras welcoming the local authorities, the director of Central America, Rev. Pedro Guardado, and the national overseer, Rev. Dr. Orestes Zuniga. Other churches in the area were also blessed as Guillermo ministered to the congregations the Word of God.

Silvina says: “Thank you very much dear Church of God World Missions family for making it possible for us to reach Honduras—to be able to minister to so many people in need! If you’ve seen the news, one knows there is a great need in Honduras right now, and God allowed us to be in the right place at the right time!”

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