“It might not be the best way to do it, but sometimes it’s the only way to get something new off the ground,” Chuck Quinley shares. For them, it’s the new campus which has been resisted on every level since they began. Rather than always thinking, “Oh, this is hard to do, the Lord must not want us to do it,” they’ve come to believe that they can use resistance as their compass and say, “Well, every time we try to do this particular outreach, it gets resisted. That must be one area the enemy doesn’t want us to enter.”

For some time now, Chuck and Sherry Quinley have been involved in the construction of a new facility for MediaLight in Thailand, the ministry of training young adults to effectively use video in spreading the Good News of Christ. Many of their students are from restricted-access nations, and videos are powerful tools for them to use in their homelands in presenting the Gospel.

The school is holding classes while construction is progressing and the Quinleys keep grinding ahead, literally, despite flooded septic tanks and leaky roofs. Chuck asks, “Really, how much more rain can there be up there?”

Through all the frustration and aggravation, the Quinleys admit God has been with them. Worship has been powerful; their fasting day saw real breakthroughs for students and staff; they’re making new local friends; doing projects in their communities; and are on the verge of being featured in a major Bangkok newspaper, one of the cities in the World Missions Send the Light to the Cities project. MediaLight has even donated some equipment to a ministry in Vietnam that previously visited in search of training its team.

Chuck profoundly sums it up when he affirms, We’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing!

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