Carl, born in South Carolina of Native American heritage, grew up in Florida. He met Anna, a native of Jerusalem, Israel, at East Coast Bible College in North Carolina where both received their bachelor’s degrees. Carl holds a master’s degree from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Anna is a graduate of the European Theological Seminary in Germany and obtained her master’s degree from the University of Tennessee.

Carl and Anna NoblesThe Nobles previously served as missionaries to several areas of the Middle East, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority Area, before God opened the door for them to work among the Native Americans.

During the Nobles’ time in Israel, Carl once shared the following: “For almost two years, the political unrest has manifested itself throughout the country and the very core of life is affected. At first, the turmoil in the region seemed far away, but it wasn’t long before the violence was at our front door. When shelling begins and bullets are flying overhead, it isn’t just the huge holes in the pavement—they are just as real as the helicopters that produced them. A sobering feeling is present while lying on the floor and seeing fear in your family’s eyes. Although living within conflict is not easy, when all is said and done, the only satisfaction found is having the peace of God and His assurance of your purpose in being there.”

The Native American outreach encompasses preaching and teaching the Word of God, reaching the lost, ministering to children, and operating feeding and benevolence programs. The Nobles continually confront high teenage suicide rates, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and domestic violence. The Nobles feel it is a unique ministry to which they can contribute a great deal.

A distinctive gift Carl has is his oil paintings. The paintings are masterpieces and reflect his artistic abilities; he uses the sales to raise funds for their ministry. To contact him regarding obtaining his artwork, email:

Project #: 065-0107