On their recent trip to Costa Rica, Charles and Mavis Thorton’s efforts were geared toward children. A team of 14, including the bus driver, travelled to Guapiles, northeast of the capital of San José.

Four outreaches and five church services were conducted at five various local Churches of God in the area. The outreaches consisted of providing a “fiesta” (a religious festival) for the children. The event allows pastors to invite families from their community to bring their children and have fun.

The fiesta begins with a clown team engaging the children in song and dance for around 45 minutes. The children then sit down and hear about Jesus; they are offered an opportunity to receive Jesus into their hearts. Afterward, soccer ballgames are played with the winners awarded soccer balls. Since soccer is huge in the country, the soccer balls are highly prized.

The adults who attend are granted a five-minute invitation to also accept Jesus as Savior. Five adults and 108 children were claimed for the Lord during this outreach.

The finale is candy-filled piñatas and gift bags for the children. Evenings are reserved for church services, with the Holy Spirit moving in a mighty way as many were delivered from emotional bondage. On Saturday, street evangelism took place and two individuals prayed the prayer of repentance. Sunday, the team ministered at a non-denominational, Pentecostal church. As always, the Holy Spirit was present in power.

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