A church congregation sways to the sound of heaven as worship takes place. It’s a typical Sunday, one where they all gather in the building underneath the palm trees. They hear the Word, fellowship, and depart, all without knowing that the following week the gathering place would be swept by the wind and waves of a hurricane.

A family boards their home in preparation for a storm. The parents look at each other with a worried anticipation, not sure what aid will be available if their home is hit by the devastation.

Around the world, crisis hits and greatly impacts the lives of our global church community. Christ’s Birthday Offering is the giving campaign that allows Church of God World Missions to respond swiftly to the needs of disaster that occur throughout the year. This special time of giving during Christmas builds resources that make a lasting impact in many souls’ lives.

Since the initial Christ’s Birthday Offering in 1974, Church of God World Missions has been giving families, congregations, and individuals an opportunity to come together and honor Christ through giving to missions. The tradition is to give an offering in the amount of the year (i.e. $20.19). One hundred percent of these special offerings will be used to be the hands and feet of Christ as World Missions comes alongside the hurting throughout the following year.

We invite you to take part in Christ’s Birthday offering. To give please visit cogwm.org/cbo, or call 1-800-345-7492. Church of God World Missions is thankful for our prayer and financial partners. May you and your family be filled with the joy of Christ during this Christmas season.

Project #020-0803