By Overseer Pavel Abashin

The Church of God celebrated the 25th Anniversary this year of its ministry in Russia. A significant event, it was marked by the Jubilee Conference in Moscow held September 18-20, 2018. Joining us in the celebration of the event was 3rd Assistant General Overseer, Dr. David Ramirez, ETSM President and Regional Superintendent, Dr. Rodolfo Giron, and Regional Superintendent and ETSM President, Dr. Thomas Rosson.

The words, The Lord helped us to this placefrom 1 Samuel 7:12, became the motto of our conference. It was a time to look back on the path covered and reflect on God’s goals for our future ministry in Russia.

Contributing to the formation of the Church of God in Russia was retired Field Director Dieter Knospe, along with many others, including Rudolph and Fia Shepik, Adam Zygarewicz, Alexander and Tatyana Abashin, Pavel Abashin, Jeanette Chesser (deceased), Rodolfo Giron, Sergei Ryakhovsky, and Vladimir Shestopalov. By their selfless labor, these people laid the foundation on which the ministers of the Russian Church of God continue to build today. In eight regions of Russia, the Church of God has approximately 100 congregations.

The meaning of modern Christianity has not changed—it lies in the desire to bring at least one soul to Jesus Christ. That desire is why the evangelism in the realities of the 21st century is constantly the focus of attention in our churches. Ministry to people, following the example of our Lord, is the main motive in the implementation of numerous social assistance projects for those of different ages in need.

The search for God’s will, faithfulness to Biblical principles, and readiness to perceive the new are the hallmarks of our brotherhood; therefore, Bible education in home groups, churches, and the Eurasian Theological Seminary is an integral part of the modern Church of God in Russia.

To go the distance, which Christians are called to run, faithfulness and the ability to pass the baton in time are key factors. To convey the truth of God to the next generation of Christians is the main task of the church; thus, effective youth ministry in a variety of formats and creative approaches is the main concern of our pastors and bishops.

National Bishop Pavel Abashin and the National Council, with the support of Regional Superintendent Thomas Rosson, are inspired by a common vision—a strong fraternal unity in the Churches of God in Russia, active regional centers, and spiritually strong local churches capable of creating new communities in their regions.

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