A long-term successful educational institution of Church of God World Missions is the Discipleship College in Eldoret, Kenya.

Formerly overseen by Gordon and Glenda Bloodworth, the college is currently administered by the interim director, Benea Alukwa, who is in England finishing research for his Ph.D. dissertation. Discipleship College is now entirely under the administration of its graduates. The Commission on University Education is at work on their curriculum for degree status as a constituent college under the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM)! Your prayers are an integral part of the process, as they need favor with the Kenyan government to once again grant degrees.

In the meantime, Church of God World Missions has designated Discipleship College as an official diploma-granting institution, intensifying the need to become accredited under the Association for Christian Education in Africa. The program is modeled after Training of Teachers (TOT), which the European Theological Seminary sponsored at Discipleship for seven years with World Missions funding, allowing 37 students to receive diplomas.

Students are not just from Kenya; also studying are students from Angola, Nigeria, Burundi, Congo, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. A donation of only $30 a month can make higher education a reality for these students.

Interestingly, the TOT was the vision for Africa of veteran Missionary Philip Morris who recently went to be with the Lord. His vision lives on. To God be the glory!

Project #101-7001

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