Under the theme “A Church Committed to its Identity,” Church of God ministers and laity from over 800 churches across the nation of the Dominican Republic gathered for their 75th Anniversary National Convention, March 7-9, 2018.

Dr. David M. Griffis, international director of Church of God World Missions, preached the keynote sermon on March 8, 2018, for this historic convention. His message from John 5:1-9 was: “What Happens When Jesus Passes By?” Dr. Griffis’ emphasis was on Jesus as a miracle worker then and now. His admonition to the entire congregation under the tabernacle and the crowds listening at the doors or in the courtyards: “Jesus is Here, Accept Your Miracle Tonight!” As Dr. Griffis concluded, hundreds filled the altar for anointed prayer with miracles of healing and deliverance.

Dominican Republic ConventionThis national convention brought together three historic events in the life of the Dominican Republic Church of God. In addition to celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Church of God in the Dominican Republic, the convention marked the end of Administrative Bishop Elvis Samuel Medina’s 12-year illustrious career and massive church planting initiative with over 600 churches planted during his tenure; 41 of these new churches were planted within the last year. On the last day of the convention, a new administrative bishop was elected to follow Bishop Medina.

Bishop Ishmael Charles, field director of the Churches of God in the Caribbean, preached the opening service to a massive crowd of Holy Spirit-filled believers “On Fire for God,” and eager to go forth and faithfully spread the message of Jesus to the multitudes across the Dominican Republic yet to accept Christ. Bishop Medina concluded this significant convention with a memorable service where the power of Pentecost was manifested in a mighty move of God, honoring the transition of leadership.

More than ever before, convention participants went home with a burning spiritual desire to reclaim their commitment to the Identity of the Church of God and its Pentecostal heritage.