Pastors Don and Jenny Weaver flew to Kenya for their first missions trip in 2004. At 60-something years old with adult children and a growing number of grandchildren, they likely did not expect what came next.

They felt called to leave their church and their home country and live full-time on the mission field in Kenya. 

“In March 2007 we flew to Kenya and began this wonderful and fulfilling missions experience,” Jenny said.

From that point through the end of 2013, Don and Jenny lived nine months of every year in Africa. They returned to America well into their 70s, leaving behind thriving ministries that continue to make an impact to this day. Their focus now is to raise awareness and support for the projects.

One such project is Jabez Ministries, which provides education and food to over 65 children. 

Jenny explained its origins:

“We have worked closely with the regional bishop and his wife in the town of Molo, Kenya. He pastors a large church that is located in the slum. This church had hundreds of people seek refuge in its compound in December 2007 when the clashes broke out due to the results of the country’s general election. When the dispute was settled the end of February 2008, over 1,200 people were killed and 650,000 were left homeless.  When people began to leave the church property to go back home, over 65 small children (aged three to six years) stayed behind because no one claimed them. 

“In the next few weeks the pastor was able to locate family for all but 24 little ones. People in the slum took them in but could not afford to educate them, as nursery school is not free but is required before a child begins grade one, usually at 6 or 7 years of age. Pastor Simon saw this need and began the school with those 24 little ones at the church.”

The Weavers helped install a water tank that the school uses to get through the dry months. They built bathrooms and assisted with the school’s feeding program. 

They are now helping raise support for a new kitchen and multipurpose room at the school so that the children no longer have to stand in the rain to receive their food. It will be housed in a two story building that also includes showers, storage, and classrooms.

In addition to their work with the school, the Weavers taught the regional pastors how to conduct Vacation Bible School. Many of the churches continue VBS today.

Don and Jenny were obedient to God’s call, and as a result countless children have been evangelized, educated, fed, and loved. Their impact in Kenya will continue to be felt for generations.

“Ask the Lord what you can do for the Kingdom,” Jenny said. “His work is never finished. If a person is sincere, the Lord will give them something to do and they will find great joy doing it.”

Jabez Ministries needs help to finish the multipurpose building. Cement is being poured for the second floor this month, but the outside needs to be finished and furniture and appliances purchased. To partner with them, please click the project number below.

Project #102-9015