Don Seeders, short-term missionary to Unreached People Groups, focuses his ministry mainly in India and Peru.


In Chandigarh, India, Don works with Tom Jolly, who is a teacher in the Church of God Bible school, and their work consists of reaching the UPGs of India. The ministry has taken them to Assam, which is one of the most unevanglized states in the country; to Punjab where they have established a church among the UPGs; and they are doing a project in a small village—Igatputi, Maharashtra—that is going to be an orphanage/UPG center.

Next year, the duo will be conducting two UPG conferences, one in Calcutta, the largest district for the Church of God in India. Don has been invited to also go to Vietnam.


For the past 12 years, Don has been working in Huancayo in the Andes Mountains, evangelizing and providing medical missions in the streets and other small towns in outlying areas that consists of examinations, echograms, blood tests, pharmaceuticals, as well as other medical assistance right in the street—all free of charge.

Recently, a UPG was found called “Copi Uros” that make man-made islands and make their livelihood living on Lake Titicaca. They were given their first Bibles, and all five families came to know Jesus. It is a two-hour boat ride to reach them.

A missions school among college career students has begun, teaching them to be missionaries in their own countries. One of the students who went on her first trip decided to be a pharmacist so she could help others, while also tending to their spiritual needs.


Don’s vision is to start a missions school in Huancayo to bring young people from the mountains and jungles and teach them missions so they can be sent to win the lost in the remote areas.

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