Missionary interns in Romania, Michael and Mihaela Gravitt, are doing well. Michael states his faith is expanding, his dreams are being renewed, and he is enjoying ministry more than ever. The Gravitts are deeply touched by all that God has done, and for the faithfulness of their partners.

Recently purchasing a van, Michael affirms it was right on time, because he has had more opportunities to preach and visit other churches in villages in and around Sibiu. It is a great blessing to travel to these locations in safety and comfort. The van’s fuel economy is a plus, as it’s about 50 mpg outside the city.

Michael reconnected by preaching at the Filidelfia church, which was the church they worked with when they first went to Romania 11 years ago!

Mihaela started volunteering at Prichendale Orphanage (state run) once a week working with children with moderate and severe mental and physical handicaps. Small groups have begun again—a college group, a worship team group, a women’s Bible study group, and a family group all meet at the Gravitt’s home.

The Gravitts continue to pray for God to open doors of opportunity for evangelism and outreach to their community and anointing and provision for their growing children’s ministry.

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