Healing comes in various forms … in relationships, in finances, in physical and mental issues. The most important form of healing is the spiritual—the acceptance of the Savior and the healing of sin in one’s life. No other healing is as inexplicable and miraculous.

Healing is also a permanent word. Once it takes place, the individual is complete and whole. Jesus provided healing for every believer when He suffered the stripes imposed on Him before His crucifixion.

Revelation 22:2b says: “And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” In this prophetic word, Church of God World Missions can be a “leaf” of healing for all the nations where she has a representation. World Missions can heal through leaves of scripture and through sharing the Gospel while participating in humanitarian acts … all objects of healing.

In World Missions’ efforts to “Heal the Nations,” she will provide prayer, the Word, the Living Water, and the love for our fellow man, which will bring healing to the inhabitants of the SEND THE LIGHT TO THE CITIES project and add impact to the FINISH Commitment. The path and the way are laid out before us—we have what the world needs for healing!

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