An ongoing phenomenon has been occurring in the history of humanity.  It is beyond the scope of the imagination, and is the unique intervention of God into the lives of men and women of all walks of life in nations, cities, villages, and towns.

This biblical activity is the work of the Holy Spirit, wherewith He uses chosen people to pray in a distinct form of prayer, alongside true adoration, confession, and thanksgiving unto God for humanity.

 As Church of God World Missions sends the light of Christ to cities around the world, we must continue to intercede before God to accomplish this great task ahead of us.  “We will intentionally present the needs of these cities to God, our creator and provider, each day.” Why must we pray?  In 1 Timothy, the apostle Paul wrote admonishing us as believers.

The progress of the gospel to all mankind is dependent upon the prayers of God’s people. These are not prayers for one’s self, but prayers that cannot be uttered with words.  They will pass from your personal domain, your realm of life, into the realm of God himself.   God is touched by such prayer.  Our world is in great trouble.  We must now be engaged in this persistent, tenacious battle of prayer that will not yield until the answer comes.

We are called by the Holy Spirit to mediate, to plea on behalf of our cities.

We must act upon the request of those in authority over us to come between the sins of our day with a view of reconciliation to God. This intercessory prayer will lead others to Jesus Christ who gives sinners a redemptive reality into the eternity of God.

As we intercede, we are directed to whom we are to pray for—we must pray for every kind of person, leaders in high positions, peace amid persecution, and salvation for persecutors.

We are, therefore, motivated to intercede, because God desires the salvation of all people.  This does not mean all will be saved … only those who answer the call of God, who trust in His salvation, and experience eternal life, through His saving grace.  We must intercede with a deep conviction of the character, compassion, and salvific commitment of Jesus to humanity.   In this manner, we herald the cross of Christ and teach His commands as the work of intercession is being done through the Holy Spirit.  The Word of God in prayer will leave no doubt as to the outcome of our mission.  The light of God’s great grace and glory will save our cities.

This now becomes the part of the “FINISH” commitment that Jesus commanded us to fulfill.  We will then go to these cities and reap the harvest for which we have prayed.

Our mission will prevail and our mediator will be praised!

Bishop Ishmael Charles
Caribbean Field Director