A team of three friends are bringing hope and healing to the city of Prague, Czech Republic. This city and country as a whole are predominantly atheist and can be a challenging place for ministry. 

Kelly Myers, Michelle Saint-Loth, and Sabrina Evans are trained counselors who have been on the field in Prague for several years. The three met and formed a friendship before serving together. 

Sabrina went to Prague as a long-term missionary in 2004 after helping with an English camp there for five weeks. She took a break in 2008 to complete her masters in clinical counseling at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Here, she met Kelly and Michelle. She reflects now and realizes that her desire to get a degree and more training was also God’s way of putting a team together. Sabrina returned to the field in 2012. 

Kelly’s involvement in missions began when she was a student at Lee University. She took her first missions trip to India and knew that she wanted it to be a part of her life. After a short-term missions trip to Prague, and seeing God’s love for the people there, she decided to get involved with full-time missions. She moved there around the same time Sabrina went back in January 2012.

Michelle’s beginnings with missions started when she went to Puerto Rico for two weeks with the seminary in 2006. She enjoyed getting to connect with members of the missions team (Kelly was one of them) and members of the church family. She began her ministry in Prague in 2015. 

The three—after training, establishing friendships, and realizing their passions align— started a ministry in Prague called Hope and Healing Counseling. They meet with a variety of individuals who are facing difficulties. 

“We all firmly believe that hope and healing can be achieved through the counseling process,” Kelly said. 

There are not many counselors in the country, so they feel that they are filling a gap that the people need. As a team of three, they also are thankful that each brings different skill sets to this ministry. 

Along with the counseling service, they are involved in the local Church of God church, Life Church. Sabrina helps with the children’s ministry and Michelle is a leader with the youth ministry. 

The church has established a community center called Life Center. Through the center, the three have facilitated workshops and seminars for the community. They are also helping launch a Cancer Care ministry.

Kelly, Michelle, and Sabrina all agree that the friendship with each other helps keep them encouraged in a city where ministry can be spiritually challenging.

“It is a great support to have a team of single missionaries around the same age with the same passion for ministry,” Kelly said. “We can really relate to each other and support each other in understanding and compassion.  Our team is very blessed in this way!”

They thank God for their supporters who keep them on the field.

“We could not do what we do on the field with Hope & Healing, and at our church without the prayerful and financial support,” Michelle said. “Thank you for sowing into the field here in the Czech Republic and into us. You will never how much our supporters mean to us.”

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To learn more about the local Church of God church in Prague, Life Church, go to www.lifechurch.cz