International Missionary Evangelists Glen and Susie Anniskette accomplish more than evangelizing. The couple also raises donations to provide for a variety of needs on the mission field.

Among the projects are:

-40 Chairs purchased for the Ibitita Church of God in Bahia.
-A keyboard was bought for the Seabra Church of God, also in Bahia.
-Two ministers were sponsored to attend the Brazilian National Conference.
-Pastor Neura in Rio Verde is expanding her church.
-Pastor Deusvaldo needed help remodeling his church in Canarana.
-Pastor Daniel and Elaine Rezende in Mineiros needed T-shirts for their workers to wear in their social humanitarian work in the city where they feed the homeless at bus stops and at the hospitals.
-In Rondonopolis, Pastor Lucilene sold her gold necklace to help pay for the new church building plans. When given $400 cash, she said she’d never touched American money before.

As the Anniskettes travel evangelizing and ministering, they pledge to other projects needing assistance, such as the Caldas Novas church that needs to pay painters for the outside of the building. Much of what the couple encounters in their travels are the pastors and congregations who are trying to build or expand their churches.

At the recent 2018 General Assembly, the Anniskettes found an open door to Bethlehem. The couple was asked to move to Bethlehem to teach for the 2019-2020 school term at Jerusalem School at Bethlehem. Although these are voluntary/no salary positions, the Anniskettes are firm believers that as God guides, He also provides!

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