It’s a long way from Missouri to the Pacific island nation of Samoa, but for COGWM missionaries Jim and Mindy Wiese, no distance is too great to do what they know they are supposed to do.

“We have always had a heart for missions. We moved to Springfield, Missouri in 1988 for Jim to be a better prepared layman so we could go work for missionaries,” Mindy said.

Little did they know, God had a different plan.

The Wieses have been faithful church members and missions supporters for 30 years. In 2014, they took a trip to Samoa and knew their call to missions was deeper than they realized. They went back to the island in 2016 and upon returning home, they immediately began the process of becoming missionaries.

Now, at 61-years-old, they are working to sell their home so that they can return to Samoa full-time.

They have seen incredible results on their visits to the country.

“We are evangelists and we have had many services. God has done some amazing things in the altars—salvations, healings, and life-changing encounters,” Mindy said. “We would like to do more discipleship to see people grow.”

Their main focus is to build relationships. Mindy said that their ministry is based on being genuine and loving people as they are, where they are.

By participating in daily life and learning the culture, the Wieses are making an impact.

“Mindy taught a new crochet pattern, sewing, and balloon ministry. Jim ministered with water filtration and learning how to work on the plantation with local farmers. We like to spend time in the local produce market and visit with local people,” they said.

Samoa is an economically depressed country.

“The Samoan people are scattered throughout the world due to the economy on the island. To survive, many of them depend on remittance income — income to send home by family members that work outside of Samoa,” Mindy said.

The Wieses have given shoes, Bibles, school uniforms, and a sewing machine to those in need.

The couple hopes to move to Samoa to live full time in January. Mindy said, “We have a part of our heart in Samoa. We look forward to our return.”

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