The Hulls have served in Israel and the Palestine Authority Area since 2003. A new ministry tool was made possible in March 2017 with the dedication of the Christian radio station, “Voice of Hope for the Middle East.” Gary is the general manager.

Ministry in this area of the world is tedious and deliberate. Multiple challenges face the ministry, as Christianity is not easily accepted. The Hulls have not been deterred in their calling. Gary has a Master of Divinity and received several years of training in linguistics and the study of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and Greek languages. He serves as a pastor and teacher.

The unique radio outreach reaches the entire Middle East by means of an Israeli satellite. Twenty-four hours a day, God’s Word is read, taught, and proclaimed in Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Hearts are being softened among the listeners. Programs are designed to reach the people of the region and are culturally sensitive to the special needs there. Ministerial training sessions are also broadcast to help raise up new congregational leaders.

The Hulls are also involved in an outreach among unreached people groups in Galilee and the Golan Heights. Distribution of Bibles and Jesus videos among the Druze, Alawites, and Circassians has opened doors for personal visits.

Gary and Lorraine pastor the Church of God in Aboud, Palestine. A Sunday school, Christian nursery and elementary school, youth groups, and a vibrant women’s ministry are some of the ways to make visible the kingdom of God. Their burden is to take the whole gospel to everyone in the Middle East, especially those of Israel, God’s chosen people.

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