Basketball is not only a priority sport in the U.S., but in the Philippines, basketball is king. Compare it to soccer in England, football in America, and rugby in Australia all wrapped into one.

Gentle Hands is involved in bringing basketball back to Malabon, a large depressed area of Manila. More than 20,000 people live on reclaimed landfills. Due to political reasons, Gentle Hands had to cease the outreach in 2016, as it simply became too dangerous to visit. No other organizations or ministries are in this particular area. The need is great.

The Gentle Hands vision is to rebuild a cement basketball court that will provide this impoverished community with a clean, safe place for children to play during the day, and a place for entertainment and exercise for youth during evenings— offering an alternative to becoming involved in drugs and criminal activity.

A cement basketball court will also allow Gentle Hands the opportunity to continue ministering to Malabon’s precious children and the surrounding community by offering medical outreaches and feeding programs, as well.

In Malabon, among some of the poorest of Metro Manila, is where Gentle Hands can bring hope and love … in Malabon where Gentle Hands is Jesus to many!

Project #740-0166