When a movement in Trinidad joined the Church of God, the expansion took in nearby Guyana in 1957. A local Guyanese named Cecil Madray, began ministry in Georgetown, the capital, in 1959, and established the first church in 1964. Several other churches were started and the work began to grow. Ebenezer Bible School was constructed for worker training after 1966, and numerous students have entered the ranks of competent leadership for Guyana.

Georgetown is named in honor of King George III, the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom at the time. Her nickname is “Garden City of the Caribbean.” While various religions are represented in Georgetown, 57 percent are Christian, and foreign missionaries in Guyana cover a wide range of denominations. She is an open door for evangelism and discipleship in the Caribbean.

Sadly, Georgetown has one of the largest crime areas in the western world. She can truly be a Lighthouse City to the Caribbean, because of her close range of influence, and can also be effective in the training of additional workers for the great harvest within her reach. Georgetown’s current population is over 355,000.

The Church of God constituency in Guyana is 5,200.

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