At any given time, you may find Glen and Susie Anniskette ministering in the outback of Australia, the mountains of Rwanda, or in the jungles of Brazil. As missionary evangelists with Church of God World Missions, they have personally answered the call of Jesus to go into all the world. This has taken them to 65 different countries so far.

Their backgrounds are diverse, but both have testimonies of God’s work in them since their childhoods.

Glen was born in Klawock, Alaska. He was saved at 17 at the Church of God youth camp in British Columbia, Canada. Following his salvation, he felt called to be an evangelist, but he wasn’t sure what that meant.

“Bishop Charles Driggers and his wife from the Carolinas came to hold a revival at my home church in Ketchikan,” Glen said. “As he preached and she played the accordion I realized that the role of an evangelist is reach the lost with the giftings that God had given us.”

He served in ministry under his pastor at his local church, and then attended West Coast Bible College in California and the Indian Bible School in New Mexico.

All through this time, Glen knew he was called to missions because of a dream given to his mother.

“God showed her a map of the world and that I would go into all four corners of the world,” he said.

His first missions trip was to Trinidad and Tobago. He went with only a plane ticket and $75, with no idea of how he would survive there.

Glen said, “I just went.  God provided and I stayed in Trinidad for almost two months ministering.  All my needs were met.  God showed me from this very first mission’s trip that He would guide me and always provide for me.”

Susie was born in Tampa, Florida to a Christian family who taught her the importance of memorizing scripture and serving the Lord. She was saved at age four at the Ruskin Church of God.

Her family later moved to Fresno, California, where she grew under the ministry of her youth pastor, Bob Small, an ex-drill sergeant.

“He was tough, but he led us with courage and strength. We learned to knock on doors and talk to people about the Lord almost every Saturday,” she said.

Knocking on doors led to Susie’s call to missions. That call was confirmed through a trip to plant a Church of God in Salt Lake City, and through many experiences at West Coast Bible College. 

More recently, she spent 12 years on faculty and staff at Lee University, where she interacted with and ministered to students from all over the world.

Glen and Susie use their diverse backgrounds and experiences to reach people all over the world that might not otherwise be met with the gospel.

They each tell of powerful stories of people who have been delivered from bondage through their ministry. A gang in New Zealand received healing for their minds, a miracle that is still touching people to this day. A man in Chile came to Christ in a most unique way:

“While rolling a marijuana cigarette he needed some paper, so he found the Bible and ripped out a page,” Susie said. “Before he rolled the cigarette up, he read what the page said, front and back.  Every time he smoked weed, he would rip another page out of the little Bible, read it and roll his cigarette. It took a while before the Word of God soaked in, but it did soak in.”

That man now serves God at a thriving church with a youth group that is on fire for God.

The Anniskettes seek God about where they will minister, believing their calling is to reach all people with the gospel.

Glen said, “We don’t look at finances first. God always opens the right doors and always supplies the needs for us to go through church donations and individual pledges to our ministry.”

“Susie and I enjoy where God has placed us,” he said. “We plan to continue in this ministry until we cannot physically go anymore. Even when our bodies refuse to make the long trips and keep up with the ministry, we plan to continue to support missions and projects around the world.”

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