August is the son of Missionaries Andrew and Jacki Quinley who serve with MediaLight in Thailand.

Missionary children are unique … they actually live out distinctive experiences on the mission field; a place that is culturally and vastly different from their backgrounds. Yet, as missionary children, they are also exposed to a life of service and faith in Christ, equipping them for God’s calling, as well.

August is at an age where he is asking much deeper questions about God, heaven, death, and the spiritual world. His prayer each night is for his best friend, Gorya, to come to know Jesus. While the Lord is working on her heart, He’s also answering little prayers of August’s. When the family was at Thailand’s annual Loy Krathong festival, Andrew couldn’t find the keys to the car. After searching for about 10 minutes, he left to retrace his steps through the festival. August asked if they would ever find them.

Andrew responded, “It’s possible. Why don’t you pray that God will help us find them while I look?”

August immediately started praying … “Dear Jesus, please help us find the keys so we can go home. Please help us find them, Jesus. Amen.”

Five seconds later, Jacki spotted them wedged between Andrew’s car seat and the console. It’s a little thing, but moments like this build a foundation of faith in a child’s life!

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