Missionary interns in Romania, Michael and Mihaela Gravitt, are experiencing God’s favor. They recently held a water baptism service and three new believers were immersed, one of them the Gravitts’ youngest daughter, Bianca. Their hearts overflow with joy and gratitude at the decision Bianca has made in her spiritual passage.

God provided the Gravitt family with a VW Touran seven-seat van in excellent condition with low mileage, and a verifiable perfect service history. A much-needed ministry tool, they are anxious to put it to good use. An added bonus is the family now has air-conditioning for the first time in years. Generous donations and prayers from their supporters made it happen. One difficulty, though, is that the manual is in German!

As the church continues to grow in number, the people the Gravitts have invested in are spiritually maturing and what a great blessing. Their desire is to raise up leaders and spiritual gifts in the congregation so they can better serve the needs of the church and community. Along with financial needs of the developing church, Michael prays for God’s guidance in planning and advancing strategies for evangelism and outreach.

Michael says: “God is faithful, good, and oh, so wonderful!”

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