We recently talked with Andrew Binda, field director of Asia/Pacific, to find out what God is doing in his area. (Excerpts of this interview originally appeared in Evangel Magazine.)

Give an overview of what God is currently doing in your area.

Our national leaders have made finishing the Great Commission in Asia a priority. There is ongoing training throughout the region with an emphasis on church planting. Our national leaders have reported that an aggressive strategy has been developed to reach the lost. This past year, two significant conferences have been held: The Legacy Conference in Bangkok and The National Conference in Australia. Plans are in the making for our Global Forum, which will be held in the Philippines, November 15, 2019.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to be advanced in Asia/Pacific as we are reaching the unreached, evangelizing among the unsaved, and planting new churches. God has given us great opportunity to cover the earth with His glory.

What is the spiritual climate like?

There is a pervading atmosphere of darkness in many parts of Asia. Asia is the greatest harvest field in the world with more than two-thirds of the world’s population. Most of the world’s unreached people groups are in Asia. Many opposing groups to Christianity are embedded in Asia.

How has Church of God World Missions helped the people and ministries of your field area?

Church of God World Missions designated three cities in Asia as Send the Light projects. Tokyo, Japan; Manila, Philippines; and Bangkok, Thailand are the cities chosen to play a leading role in dispelling the darkness in Asia. We see these Lighthouse Cities as gateway cities in spreading the gospel. We are establishing church planting centers in several countries throughout Asia. Many churches have been planted and several more have been revitalized. We are excited the YWEA 2018-19 project was assigned to Asia.

What are some current needs that you see?

Continuing to train and develop indigenous leaders is one of the current needs of Asia. Raising up missions-minded leaders from the Jeremiah Generation is another great need we have in Asia. Church leaders see revival as the greatest need throughout the continent and have been praying for a genuine move of God for many years. They believe the turn-around in Asia will come thorough a genuine move of God.

Describe a favorite moment or story that stands out to you as you have encountered the work of God in your area.

On a trip to Tamil Nadu, India, I and a fellow pastor were attempting to bless the director of the Home for the Aged with a financial gift. The director stopped us and proceeded to say, “Pastor, all we need is your prayers.” This incident stuck out in my mind for many days. I discovered that Church of God World Missions is a partnership—a partnership with the Lord and His people, the church. We cannot accomplish anything without the generosity of our donors, covering our work with prayers and finances.