The Church of God in Rajasthan continues to minister to Unreached People Groups, of whom there are 11 in the area. Reports from various parts of Rajasthan say 324 individuals have received Jesus as personal Savior and 156 are going to be baptized. Additionally, 37 youth have committed to attend the church planters training. Their goal is to purchase land in order to establish a permanent training center since facilities are limited and the neighbors have begun complaining about the Sunday worship services.

A recent Vacation Bible School held a Children’s Fest with 96 children participating. Three resource teachers from the Timothy Institute, Kerala, arrived to teach different activities to the children. When the children saw the Crucifixion of Jesus for the first time, they started loudly crying and then submitted their lives to Christ. The camp had a waiting list of 300 more children, but unfortunately, it was unable to accommodate them because of limited resources and facilities. The Rajasthan Church of God is grateful for the donors who fund this program that allowed the camp to also distribute school bags and notebooks to the children.

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