Declared by the United Nations as the rape capital of the world, Eastern Congo is also the home of one of the most thriving congregations of the Church of God in Africa, located in Goma, one of the major cities of Congo-Democratic Republic. Pastor Ernest “Kibi” Kambale, pastor of the Goma Church of God and overseer of Eastern Congo, together with his wife Ernestina, radiate with the love of Christ. The church built under Brother Kibi’s leadership can seat 1500 people on two levels and is a beacon of hope for Goma and Eastern Congo. Not only is the church strong in its outreach, but also offers vocational training for seamstresses, catering service, and car mechanics. In addition, Pastor Kibi and his church are active in the refugee camps surrounding Goma, looking after AIDS orphans, widows, and those who have lost their families during the 14 year-long conflict. The ceaseless rebel activities, their looting and ravaging of villages not only affect the many women who suffered incredible violence, but also has impacted the whole region.

It is against this background that the Church of God has been an instrument of healing in an area of Africa where the spreading of the Gospel faces some incredible challenges, but also experiences the demonstration of Christ’s love, passion, forgiveness, and restoration. The genuine love for their fellow men and the fearless declaration of the message of Christ is what brings hope into an area that has suffered in a manner which lacks words to describe.

Pastor Kibi and the church in Goma are an example of many totally dedicated pastors and leaders within the Church of God in Africa who are fully committed to the FINISH Commission. Time will not allow sharing all their incredible stories how the message they proclaim has brought light, hope, and healing to their cities and nations.

Peter Thomas
Field Director, Africa