Natán and Kristen Bruce Martinez are missionaries serving in Honduras. Kristen says: “I felt like I knew Honduras really well until I traveled for the first time to the southernmost part of the country, near the Pacific Ocean. There it’s dry and much hotter than what I had ever experienced in Honduras before—and I thought I knew HOT! (Think upwards of 103 degrees, no A/C.)”

Many agriculture-dependent families in this region are particularly vulnerable to frequent droughts. The Martinezes had a wonderful meeting with some local pastors and potential community partners to see what kind of development work they can implement in the impoverished communities in the area.

Kristen also states: “The majority of our work in Honduras is extremely humbling. I still have to grapple with the stark inequality within just this country and throughout the world.”

While the Martinezes recently traveled to La Esperanza, they heard about the Lenca indigenous people in the area and the challenges of reaching the group. In villages where alcoholism is rampant and religious syncretism reigns, some community leaders are hostile against the Gospel. Yet, in a tiny wooden church in the mountains, they witnessed passionate new followers of Christ. Many walked up to two hours just to attend services. Natán preached at one service.

Kristen and Natán realize they are not the heroes in this country. Christ is!

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