Because of faithful donors, Missionary Interns Michael and Mihaela Gravitt are experiencing a large and growing impact in Sibiu, Romania. The church congregation is enlarging, and the Gravitts recently moved into the parsonage (which has proven to be a wonderful location, perfectly fit for their family).church

Michael has been invited to the local Christian radio station to lead bi-monthly Bible studies and prayer times with the staff! The music studio headed by Marcel is functional and they are gearing up to create new worship songs.

Mihaela and Magda are leading a women’s Bible study, as well, and a youth group has begun. All this in just one month.

The Gravitts’ daughters, Hannah and Bianca, have inherited a quirky back from their father, Michael, and require physical therapy, which is to prevent future problems, and are doing well.

While it is still winter in Romania, heating bills for the home and church escalate, and presents increased efforts and outreach to the poor and needy. The Gravitts expect an additional $500 per month for the next three months.

With your help, the Gravitts are changing lives in Sibiu. Michael says: “It is an amazing feeling seeing men and women who were rescued from very dark lives now helping us to lead and disciple people to Jesus. Praise God!

Project # 0656-0957