If you have a passion for lost souls and want to be informed as to what is happening across the globe involving Church of God World Missions, there are several avenues to follow:

cogwm.org is the official website of COGWM and covers the latest news from the mission field. Featured articles include information from Director Dr. David M. Griffis and Assistant Director Dr. M. Thomas Propes; missionary stories and testimonies; updates on SEND THE LIGHT TO THE CITIES emphasis; as well as the immediate alerts of deaths of those associated with World Missions and disaster/crises events taking place, to name a few. New items are posted daily, except on weekends.

The ever-popular Facebook is an excellent source for on-the-spot notifications of World Missions activity, and Twitter, of course, is a quick, condensed version of the latest news.

A special venue is Vimeo, which regularly posts globalCONNECT with live newscasts, and also avails individuals a selection of over 300 newsworthy videos to help gain more knowledge of World Mission’s connectivity.

Check them out! The better-informed Christian is an active Christian … inquiring minds DO want to know.